This project is a collaboration between me and Brazilian architect Filipe Merem. sH is centered on diminishing the sound impact on highly populated places of the city to improve people’s quality of life. The project was presented for Disonancias – Art for Innovation, it is based on the use of small modules displaced in a defined public area in order to diffuse and scatter sound, instead of using only few but big elements that would have a bigger visual impact and provide only certain satisfaction. We have divided it in two parts; the main one is the “White Area” and is focused on separating the acoustical pollution of the traffic from a socially active place. While the second part is an artistic license we have taken in order to make people more aware of the sounds that surround them, thus creating a “Listening Point” inside the same square/park, directing sounds towards the center of the point.

Client: Disonancia

Vizcaya, ES


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