Discurso Sobre A Origem da Desigualdade.* As Casas Vos Esperam

Discurso sobre
a origem da desigualdade*. As casas vos esperam.

* Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1755, De l'Inégalité parmi les hommes, Gallimard, Paris.

in collaboration with composer José Alberto Gomes

The feeling of instability, be it real or fictitious, is followed by changes affecting our physical positions as well as the aesthetic perceptions of the world. The exhibition takes the name from Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s writing Discourse on the Origin of Inequality conjugated with the interposition of a thought, where the intervention is the symptom of a path that accompanies the historic moment.

Dealing with the whole gallery’s space, the investigation of what would originate a potential future or an “already shaped” present being, is constructed starting from certain structural “aspects”, each of them taken from their individual perspective; the floors, the windows, passages and doors, the stairs, all components of basic architecture are re-proposed in the state of a process supported by the sound deriving from the natural light changes. Thus sound measures time; a time apparently left waiting, frozen in the keyhole of a door.

Espaço Ilimitado, O Porto, PT


sanded wood floor, portuguese slate, masking tape, metal figures, a key, light sensors, Max/MSP, arduino, guitar amp, bass amp, sound

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