Ti Scriverò Da Un’Altra Parte

Ti scriverò
da un'altra parte

The work was realized for the collective exhibition Derive (Adrift) curated by Alberto Fiore and Angel Moya Garcia. Taking the night as the originating adrift, a point apparently fixed in the sky is revealed as a sonic production. Stars are usually taken into consideration for their visual component; within this work they establish a sign, a point, which starts and ends in the emitted sound. Sound comes from behind the alcantara, which was used to visually flatten the space’s vanishing points, and at the same time returning depth through sound.

* The sound of the stars proceed from the NASA Kepler Mission – courtesy of Jon Jenkins

CIAC – Centro Internazionale Arte Contemporanea, 2012

NASA – Kepler Mission

alcantara®, cellulose acetate, wood, 5 speakers, sound of stars*
variable dimensions

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