Twin Drive

TD Projects

TD Projects is the audio/visual collaboration between Emiliano Zelada and Franceca Banchelli respectively. It’s been presented in different stages and contexts, and the TD initials are used to give a title to the different works, among those we find Twin Drive presented at Mutek and Try Die at the Soho House Barcelona.

Twin Drive was a more musical performance with Francesca singing and rolling out the visual with the slides that she made.

Try Die was more of a performance, formed by the presence of various elements of a narration, in which a presence (the artist Francesca Banchelli), is dealing with some pieces of icebergs inside the greenish water of a swimming pool. New and old music compositions played live by the artist and composer Emiliano Zelada and a projection of drawings specifically produced for the event by the artist Francesca Banchelli, who also performed some of the voice pieces from the Twin Drive (Banchelli-Zelada)’s repertoire. All these elements are fragments of a story, but together they form a circularity that has no beginning nor an end, and in which the spectator is involved within a dialectic emotional development.


Soho House 2017

a/v performances and live sets

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